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Man-machine dialogue mode, and intuitive, code programming mode, fast and efficient.

Deeply combining with the characteristics of deep hole drilling, this system is humanized designed, making the operation more simple and faster. The highly sensitive monitoring equipment will sound a Chinese alarm if any unusual errors and stop processing, which is safe and found Intuitively

12 liquid crystal display with high resolution
CNC system standard function
Operation interface shows Chinese/English and man-machine dialogue mode. al display with high resolution
PLC Programming control function
Processing procedures management function
Expansion card and high speed Ethernet remote transmission function

Completely self-check and alarming function
100 groups of working coordinates
Man-machine dialogue: 120 hole position standard procedures
Hand wheel simulated program processing function
Variable frequency control for cutting oil pressure
Pressure overload protection

A new panel of humanization design, key partition arrangement meets people’s operation habit, the function keys are Chinese and Engilsh letters, digital display, full keyboard design, making the operation more intuitive. efficient and comfortable.